Hoxne Village Hall

St. Edmund`s Hall, Goldbrook

St Edmund's Hall, Goldbrook, Hoxne, IP21 5AN


Film nights are held every month in St Edmund's Hall and we aim to offer a wide range of films appealing to as many people as possible. Generally the evenings are on the second Friday in every month.


We normally have a few films scheduled at a time and choose them by the recommendations collected from our audiences.


Doors open about 7:00pm with films starting at 7:30pm. We always have a short interval halfway through so that our audiences can have a break. The bar facilities are open both before the film and during the interval serving drinks, popcorn and ice cream. Tickets are £4.00.


Call 01379 668060 to book your tickets

or use the contact form.

St Edmund's Hall




If you have suggestions of films you would like included in our next programme please contact us using the contact form.



The committee would like to further understand how their audiences feel about them showing subtitles so please could you take a moment to read this statement and answer the question below.

Your responses can be submitted via this link or by emailing hoxnevhbookings@outlook.com Your comments are most appreciated.

Some of our audience are hearing impaired and need the benefit of the subtitle facility in order to fully appreciate the film.

Most of the films include the option of showing subtitles.

Do you...?

1. Favour subtitles                                           2. Do not mind subtitles                                       3. Object to subtitles



October - December 2018

Votes must be cast by THURSDAY 9th AUGUST

Please email your choices to hoxnevhbookings@outlook.com  



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Friday 14th September 2018

potato literary

A writer (Lily James) forms a bond with the residents of Guernsey in the aftermath of World War II. She writes a book about their wartime experiences. Having the courage to reach for what you want is the essence of this engaging film. (12A)